Thursday, May 6, 2010

First trip out of town with a baby

Order of events:

1. Start laundry, try to fold laundry, end up putting Lo in sling so I can get something done (doesn't work because my back starts hurting too much to wear the sling)

2. Try to get some sleep, Lo decides she is not in the mood for sleeping.

3. Wake up, later than planned, try to get on the road in a reasonable amount of time, end up leaving two hours later.

4. Make first stop 45 minutes after leaving to change and feed her, GET HIT BY SOME IDIOT BACKING UP! Leave an hour later.

5. Get good rythym going for about an hour, feed again. REPEAT.

6. FINALLY arrive three hours later than planned, making a 3.5 hour drive 5 hours long...

Traveling with an infant is more difficult than finding a guy who doesn't lie!

However, once we arrived and for the rest of the trip, it was the most rest I've gotten since she was born, Lo's grandparents were immensly helpful! It was amazing! Her dad on the other hand, couldn't even care enough to show up day 3-7... oh well! Weekend dad much?

The trip home she slept the entire way, but managed to spill an entire bottle of breastmilk on herself! Whoo hoo! PROGRESS!

To sum it up, I think I can wait a little while to do the whole traveling across states with an infant thing again... any comments?

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