Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Growing sooooo fast!

Crawling, ma-ma, da-da, waving, pointing, two teeth, generally cuter and more animated everyday. This has been a tremendous journey! Now Lorelai's father and myself are engaged! He is in Japan on deployment in the Marine Corps... We miss him so dearly and send our love and prayers to all those serving our country in this time of conflict.

Most entertaining moments since the last blog I wrote, well they are numerous, but here are some of the highlights:

1. She talks to her Lorelai-sized, pink bear everyday when she wakes up.
2. She cried, "da daaaaaaaaaaa" for a couple days after Jake left.
3. She entertained a whole crowd of people at Walmart when Jake lifted her up into a bouncer on a metal shelf and she was spinnin, and dancin, and talking all at the same time!
4. Jake taught her how to shake her head no and she wouldn't stop doing it for hours at a time for nearly two weeks.

She never ceases to amaze me. Anybody have any hilarious holiday stories??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First trip out of town with a baby

Order of events:

1. Start laundry, try to fold laundry, end up putting Lo in sling so I can get something done (doesn't work because my back starts hurting too much to wear the sling)

2. Try to get some sleep, Lo decides she is not in the mood for sleeping.

3. Wake up, later than planned, try to get on the road in a reasonable amount of time, end up leaving two hours later.

4. Make first stop 45 minutes after leaving to change and feed her, GET HIT BY SOME IDIOT BACKING UP! Leave an hour later.

5. Get good rythym going for about an hour, feed again. REPEAT.

6. FINALLY arrive three hours later than planned, making a 3.5 hour drive 5 hours long...

Traveling with an infant is more difficult than finding a guy who doesn't lie!

However, once we arrived and for the rest of the trip, it was the most rest I've gotten since she was born, Lo's grandparents were immensly helpful! It was amazing! Her dad on the other hand, couldn't even care enough to show up day 3-7... oh well! Weekend dad much?

The trip home she slept the entire way, but managed to spill an entire bottle of breastmilk on herself! Whoo hoo! PROGRESS!

To sum it up, I think I can wait a little while to do the whole traveling across states with an infant thing again... any comments?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spider Wars!

Today Lorelai and I were sitting on the couch getting our weekly dose of Modern Family on Hulu when I got that feeling something was crawling on my arm, for once something actually was. I ended up shooing it off of my arm instead of squashing it.

So, you could imagine my surprise, when again I found the determined creature crawling up my arm. However, this time when I tried to squash the spider it jumped onto Lorelai's foot... at which I just about had a coronary. "Get off my baby!" I told the spider as I tried to smoosh the life out of it again... to no avail.

Two hours passed as I obssessively scratched every part of my body red and stared at the love seat we moved from waiting for the spider to show itself.

Finally, it crawled across my foot... flipping stalking spider! I practically threw Lorelai into her swing as I rushed at it with a controller, when I made contact at last I screamed, "What now BITCH!"

I then continued to lecture the "spiders" in my house telling them that I don't buy this karma theory crap of my mom's and I am going to kill them all! I notice a spider on the ceiling... actually I think I've seen it before. I grab my towel and squash the crap out of the ALREADY DEAD spider... I think to myself, "Hmmm I hope it wasn't one of those that sacrifices its body for its young to eat when they're born." Guess we'll see.

This was the end of my adventure, or so I thought, when I heard a knock at the door. Again it was my altruistic, half-naked neighbor asking if everything was alright... I assured him it was and that I had had another nightmare... he looked skeptical since I was in full dress, the tv was on, and so were all the lights. (Who cares what he thinks his marriage is failing)

Until next time you filthy, eight-legged bitches!

Note to readers

Family, friends, and random internet people,

Thank you for taking an interest in my little single mommy/everyday baby stories blog spot. Lorelai and I intend on sharing with you some of the more humerous moments of our day, as there are many. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated!

With love,

Lorelai and Tsunami Mommy